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The flexibility of Morlee and our "create-your-combination" philosophy provides limitless possibilities. The addition of our frame shop allows us to create anything you can imagine.

You can order any frame in any material, even your customer's fabric.  Choose any treatment you wish; place the trim wherever you decide.  It is always your choice.  The possibilities are endless.

We offer:



  • All the "bread and butter" shapes in many fabrics 

  • Hardback and Soft Shades

  • Any size - any shape shade

  • A variety of treatments 

  • Designer Shades

  • Total flexibility with C.O.M. (customer own material)

  • Recovers are as easy as ordering a basic shade

  • Reline of old shades

We know what we do well - make quality lampshades. We do not make other products. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible MADE IN AMERICA product.

Morlee Lampshade Company makes every lampshade to your specifications, to the quality standards that have become our company’s yardstick. We don’t premake any shades; we want you to have complete freedom in your selections.

Simply put, Morlee Lampshade Company strives to offer you the greatest selection and flexibility possible – allowing you to provide these benefits to your customer.

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