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As this pandemic spreads across our country it is important to remember what matters. Nothing is more important than our health and well being. We are all concerned about our business and what the economic impact will be. Many of us have employees that rely on us to provide for their families.

At the beginning of this, our employees made a commitment to lock down their homes, keep everyone inside and not allow outside people in. In return, we made a commitment to keep them employed as long as possible. 

We put our skills to good use and began making masks. With the guidance of hospital officials, doctors, and scrub techs, we made masks for the hospitals when they could not get supplies. Once we opened to make masks for the public, your response was amazing and our employees happily worked to fill your orders. We thank you for your support of our employees during that time. 

Since businesses across the company have reopened

This will end, we will be stronger for it and if we all work together, we will all survive this. 

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